Do you have a badly decayed, infected or damaged tooth? Do you suffer from momentary or incessant pain as a result of this? Devitalization and replacement of the tooth should be considered as soon as possible. Devitalization and dental replacement are interventions that are necessary when the tooth is broken or deeply affected by decay.

What is that ?
Tooth devitalization involves removing the nerve from the tooth. Once removed, the pain immediately stops. Simply put, it involves the removal of infected dental pulp in order to perform a thorough cleaning of the tooth.

After a devitalization, your dentist may suggest that you install a crown on the tooth and keep it or replace it with a dental implant and a crown on the implant to maintain the integrity of the devitalized tooth and avoid the fractures that cause an extraction.



The modern techniques used in the Clinique Dentaire Targa make it possible to devitalize a tooth painlessly in one session. The clinic has effective local anesthetics that last depending on the number of nerves to be removed during devitalization.

The procedure is not painful, thanks to local anesthesia. After surgery, disease can occur if the treated tooth had a deep infection. Antibiotics prescribed by your dentist can remedy this.


In most cases, the pain stops immediately after devitalization of a tooth. However, if the devitalized tooth is particularly sensitive, slight pain may occur during the first week after the procedure, your dentist may recommend an anti-inflammatory to relieve it.

After a few days following the procedure, a filling followed by a composite reconstruction or a dental crown is necessary in order to protect your teeth and restore the correct chewing function of the treated tooth.

Some cases do not allow a devitalization procedure

In the event of a severely fractured tooth or missing bone support, the devitalization procedure cannot take place.

We strongly recommend that you make an appointment at Clinique Dentaire Targa with one of our dentists to carefully examine the condition of your teeth and decide whether your case requires root canal treatment or root canal treatment. Screenings involve panoramic images and x-rays.

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