of the dentist FEAR OF THE DENTIST, SOLUTIONS AND SEDATIONS Today, it is possible for anxious patients to overcome their dental phobia through special methods, adapted to the needs of each patient. Overcome your fear

Overcome your fear of the dentist

Today, it is possible for anxious patients to overcome their dental phobia through special methods, adapted to the needs of each patient.

How to overcome your fear? Take the time to choose your dentist.

Fear of the dentist is a psychological fear for reasons that differ from person to person. Simple dental procedures can be very difficult for anxious patients, not to mention more invasive operations such as dental implants. Delaying or rescheduling appointments altogether can lead to more serious dental problems. From experience, we can tell you that one of the best ways to deal with dental anxiety is to find a dentist who takes care of you, understands you, and is friendly and empathetic. Many of the anxious patients we have encountered naturally relax when they realize that they are in the hands of a gentle and caring dentist who is focused on their comfort throughout the visit.
The important causes of dental phobia can be:

  • Bad past experiences
  • Trust issues
  • Embarrassment


You can visit the clinic to get used to the surroundings before undergoing dental treatment.

Medication before the appointment

Dentists will prescribe medicine for you to take before the procedure for stress-free treatment.


Minimal, moderate and deep sedation solutions exist to relax you, depending on your case.

You deserve a healthy smile without anxiety

Our team understands the concerns and anxieties many patients experience as they prepare for a dental visit. The dental services and techniques of the moment use the least painful and the most qualitative methods, giving you a dental experience without discomfort or stress. An investment in technology and new dental techniques by dentists improve procedure and reduce pain based on the philosophy that patients should never have to undergo stressful experiences.


Providing a comfortable environment and pleasant staff ensures that the fears felt by the patient gradually dissipate. Generally, doctors understand dental anxiety and how it can impact a person considering a dental procedure. A friendly and caring dental team is enough to create a warm and welcoming environment that will help you relax and be at ease so that you have a positive dental experience.

Stress-Free Dental Care

Today, It's Very Possible !!

Self-diagnosis of dentophobia

If you answer YES to most of the questions, it is likely that you are affected by dental phobia. In the past few years, have any of the following happened to you ?:

  • Did you avoid dental medical treatment because of your fear of the dentist?
  • Have you endured dental pain or a dental infection for a long time because of your fear of going to the dentist?
  • Do you feel anxious when you think about going to a dentist appointment?
  • If you hear a noise from a dental tool, is it causing you very high anxiety?

We strongly recommend that you seek further information and advice from our dentists, who will be able to make a diagnosis for you.

Does Clinique Dentaire Targa specialize in the treatment of nervous patients?

Yes. Our team is used to treating nervous patients on a regular basis.

I haven't been to the dentist for a long time, will I need a lot of treatment?

Our goal is to help you have a healthy mouth and healthy teeth. The number of treatments you will need depends on your case.
Know that your teeth are made to last a lifetime if properly maintained. With the help of our dental team, you should need less treatment and there will be less to do in the future. It is therefore important to consider regular visits.

Can you make a dental procedure completely painless for me?

We use a variety of techniques to reduce the amount of discomfort you might experience when having a dental procedure.

What will happen on the first date?

Your first appointment should only be for a consultation. An opportunity for you to speak with your dentist and discuss what to expect.

Should I introduce myself to your dental team saying I am a nervous patient?

Yes. Make sure our team knows you are nervous so we can help you. Let us know what you are particularly worried about in dental treatment.


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