The best clinic in Marrakech, the service is magnificent, the team is very welcoming and professional, I am very satisfied. I highly recommend you. Good continuation.

Ahmed .B

I was honored to be one of the clinic’s first patients. A young, competent and very warm team … professional work and an extraordinary sense of detail. My deepest thanks to Dr Jaafari for his excellent work … very good continuation


A clinic that I recommend to you, everything is kindness, politeness, respect and quality care I would add that the doctors are very attentive, they explain all their actions, good hygienic conditions, as well as ‘excellent result after each treatment, I wish you a very good continuation and success.


good service and the staff are very competent, I wish you good luck.


I don’t have enough words to tell you I had several problems with my teeth: 2 missing lateral incisors + 2 central incisors broken during my childhood + A gingival smile But thanks to the work accomplished that I am very grateful and very satisfied. was able to have a beautiful smile that I dreamed of for a long time. You have been exemplary on a professional and human level. Confidence, work and perfection were the secret of the result. I thank you very sincerely,


High quality service, attentive listening to the customer, a rapid study and ultra-efficient interventions! What about the friendliness of the staff, just brilliant! Artists I tell you !!

Marrakchi Fanou

Very professional, very competent and very human people All you need what


Equipes très professionnel et sympathiques , je recommande très satisfait , travail de qualité

Mous Mimoune

The Targa dental clinic fulfills the needs of marrakchi has a size structure in terms of the health of teeth and mouth. Very competent dentists, very welcoming assistants, procedures and materials of very high standards. I highly recommend.

Zouhair .F

Frankly. On my first visit to the Targa dental clinic, I was pleasantly surprised by the human and professional welcome from the reception to the treatment office, a medical staff, doctors and nurses, professional and very kind … reason for which I brought my daughter and my wife to follow dental care… it became the dental clinic requested by the family. Congratulations to the entire medical team


Competence, professionalism, warm welcome and above all good value for money… .. I recommend


an experience that changed my life thank you very much to dr nezha and dr youness for their patience and professionalism and to the whole team for their welcome and friendliness


I highly recommend this clinic. I went there for a wisdom tooth extraction. The medical profession is competent and attentive. Thanks to our doctors Nezha and Younes TOP !!


Thank you, Dr. Younes and Dr. Nuzha, for your efforts. Our trust in you was right. We wish you success in your career.


May God make it a home of a clinic with all the ingredients and high efficiency