High quality care

General dentistry care for adults and children

There is a full range of general dentistry services that focus on the health of teeth and their surrounding tissues to maintain good oral health and overall well-being.

Your smile should be your top priority. Be aware that dental problems are not fun to treat, so make sure you get the personalized, gentle treatment you deserve. High quality oral health care is now available for all patients. In a wide variety of general dental procedures, you can take care of your teeth and protect them from damage or disease. Below is a list of general dentistry services.

Dental exam

It is easy to avoid most dental problems by regularly checking the oral health of your teeth through dental examinations.

Pediatric dentistry

Any child or adolescent can benefit from comprehensive dental care to improve their teeth and oral health as they grow.


Gum disease mainly causes tooth loss and affects areas of oral tissue hence the need for treatment.

Root canal

A root canal can save a tooth that is severely infected or damaged due to an injury or decay that has reached the root of the tooth.

Dental extractions

They concern the extractions of wisdom teeth, non-impacted teeth, fractured roots, enclosed teeth or impacted teeth.

Dental phobia

Dental treatment under general anesthesia can help patients overcome stomatophobia (fear of the dentist).

Dental emergency

It is necessary and important to seek treatment and make an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible in case of pain or dental emergency.

The skills acquired thanks to the practicality of any dentist represent the key factor in the success of dental treatments carried out to remedy the various dental pathologies that you may encounter.
In general, anesthesia is used extensively with certain dental procedures requiring oral surgery, however, your dentist can discuss other sedation options if you are uncomfortable with the injections. Today, several technologies and tools exist to ensure that procedures are more precise, safer and more comfortable.

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